Our Story

E.G. “Bummy” Hampton a lifelong agribusiness man, sold his grain elevator business in 1968 to local farmers that wanted to convert it to a cooperative.  A few years after the sale of Hampton Grain, he decided his next business had to be built upon relationships with people he had done business with in the past, predominantly local farmers from Christian, Todd and other surrounding Kentucky and Middle Tennessee counties.

Mr. Hampton had the idea that farmers did not have time to slaughter and process their meat on the farm and if he would build a slaughter, processing and retail meat facility that his old friends would support his new business endeavor.  His idea became reality when he and his son Ernie established Hampton Meats in 1975.  From day one Hampton Meats has been a USDA Federally inspected meat processing plant with a Federal Inspector on site every day to put their seal of approval on every product.

Not a lot has changed in nearly 40 years.  At Hampton Meats quality and customer satisfaction are still the number one priorities.  We still service restaurants, independent groceries and households alike with the widest selection of fresh mid-west beef and pork, local processed beef and pork, smoke pork, poultry, mutton, lamb, deli meats, cheeses and frozen seafood.