Local Pork

We thank Mr. Allen Franks and his son, Tim from Sunrise Farms for supplying Hampton Meats hogs for nearly 40 years.  The spring of 2013 was the last hogs Sunrise Farms will ever produce; Mr. Franks is retiring at the age of 80 years old.  Thank you again Mr. Franks for your loyalty and friendship to Hampton Meats.

After a 10 month search we found a new hog producer that takes as much pride in their work as we do.  Mr. Maurice Heard and his two sons Eric and Darwin have been in the business for 54 years with a farrow-to-finish operation of Chester/Duroc cross hogs.  Their state-of-the-art facility provides ideal feeding, watering and humane handling of his hogs thereby allowing a stress free environment.  All of their hogs are fed a 100% vegetarian diet.

Hampton Meats is one of two family owned facilities in the state of Kentucky that still scald hogs on the harvest floor.  Scalding verses skinning is the ideal method for producing hams, shoulders, bacon and jowls to be cured.  November through February is a very busy time when we still participate in the time-honored practice dating back to the era of our forefathers when the preparation and preservation of meat was necessity.  We strive to produce pork for the people that make dry cured products, not just for breakfast, but as a way of life.

Just like cured pork, BBQ pork is a Southern tradition.  If you still enjoy a whole hog BBQ, please give us a call.  We have whole hogs available weekly.

For the individual who needs to know where their pork was raised and processed we can help.  We will process you a whole hog to your exact specifications.

Our local pork is sold to restaurants or individuals.  We look forward to discussing with you why our local program is different and better.