Local Beef

Hampton Meats local beef program is for the discerning consumer who wants an "all-natural" product.  Calves are hand selected from local beef producers. Every calf selected will be pure breed Angus or Hereford breed.  Our favorite calf is a Black Balde, a wonderful cross between an Angus and Herford.

Our select farmers raise cattle with the special care honed for generations.  No added hormones or antibiotics are used.  If antibiotics are required, the animal is treated and then sold at a local stockyard.  Our cattle live most of their lives on pasture and hay before being moved to a clean and spacious feeding facility. At this time the “finishing” stage begins.  They begin a 100% vegetarian diet of corn… for at least 120-days.  Without hormones cattle natrually take longer to mature.  While it is more expensive to gain optimum harvest weight,we feel this natrual process is 1 of 2 key factors that create the safest, most flavor full and tender beef possible.

A second component that we feel gives our local beef the most flavor and tenderness is the dry aging process.  After harvest, the beef is hung in our cooler for 14-16 days at a precise cooling temperature.  Dry aging changes beef by two means.  First, moisture is evaporated from the muscle, creating a greater concentration of beef flavor and taste.  Secondly, the beef’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle, thus optimizing tenderness.

Typically most US supermarkets do not sell dry-aged beef.  The special care required takes time and there is signigicant loss of weight during the aging process.  In fact, up to a third or more of original weight can be lost concentrating flavor and reaching maximum tenderness.  While this is a more expensive process, it is the primary reason why the most discerning steakhouses and select restaurants serve dry-aged beef.

Our local beef is sold by the half or whole beef to restaurants or individuals.  We look forward to discussing with you why our local program is different from other local programs.